31 January 2012

MTV's 10 on Top and Dan about Journey

First, Daniel made a comment about Journey during the press rounds for The Woman in Black (source: Huffington Post)
....I was attached to that for a while. We felt that script changes were needed.
...it was a great script. And then I read a little more about his life and the script was fantastic, but it wasn't entirely - reading about Dan, as well as being an inspirational and amazing person, he was also abrasive. And he annoyed a lot of people. He had a knack of pissing people off. And that wasn't in the script. And I felt that it needed that. So, yeah, that was the reason for that.
So he isn't attached to that project anymore. Then second, a video from past Saturdays' 10 on Top (MTV) for all of you who missed it, below.

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