18 January 2012

Updated: The Woman in Black: Exclusive clip(s) (The Bedroom) & James Watkins talks about Dan

Below you can find an exclusive clip from The Woman in Black released via hulu.com & Director James Watkins talked with Fearnet.com about the film and the part where he mentioned Daniel can be read below.

Edit: another clip, via The Sun, below.

Did you worry at all about casting Daniel Radcliffe as your lead? Were you worried that audiences would have a specific expectation of what the film would be, without having seen it?
Yeah, of course. Dan is part of this rich legacy and he has those associations. He has good baggage and bad baggage. Some people can't necessarily see beyond that. But Dan is not Harry Potter. He is associated with the iconic role of Harry Potter. But let's look at Dan afresh. He doesn't look anything like Harry Potter , and he doesn't act like Harry Potter. He's playing a different role. Sure, there will be some people who I'm sure won't be able to get over that, but honestly there is nothing you can do about people like that. What is really reassuring is that people see it in good faith and they are hugely impressed by Dan and his performance. I think he did a wonderful job. You can spend your life second-guessing these kinds of things, but when I told Dan about the role, where I wanted to take it, what I wanted him to do, the challenges, and how hard it was going to be, he was absolutely up for it. I think we kept that promise.

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