07 December 2012

Promo photos & a preview for episode 2 of A Young Doctor's Notebook

If you missed last night's episode of A Young Doctor's Notebook, below you find a clip called "labour" from the first episode. Then, Sky Arts already released some promotional stills for episode 2 and a preview clip.
"Look lively, what are we waiting for!" The doctor, played by Daniel Radcliffe, prepares to deliver a baby. But did he actually learn this in medical school?
episode 1- Labour

Daniel Radcliffe's young doctor is intrigued by a patient coming to his surgery having consumed an entire bottle of Belladonna drops. Does his career hit a new high, perhaps lecturing in top universities beckons?
episode 2- Belladonna

Butcher or doctor? As things get bloodier in episode 2, the young doctor is in need of some therapy himself.

source: skyarts.sky.com