14 May 2013

Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe special guest on the new Duckworth Lewis Method album

Daniel is announced as a special guest (just as Stephen Fry, BBC cricket commentator Henry 'Blowers' Blofeld) on the new album from the Irish pop group Duckworth Lewis Method. The band consists of former The Divine Comedy man Neil Hannon and Pugwash's Thomas Walsh.

The new album 'Sticky Wickets' & Single 'It's Just Not Cricket' are out July 1st. This new album is the follow up to the bands debut self titled album in 2009, a concept album all about cricket.

Update: 7th June 2013. The track 'Third Man' aired at the BBC Radio 6's Radcliffe and Maconie Show. The song starts at 54.24. Daniel's so called "spoken cameo" part can be heard at 57.19 (listen back until a week after the broadcast)
Update: 24th June 2013. London Evening Standard posted today that 'Third Man' is now set to come out as a single! Thanks to Duckworth Lewis Method HQ for the link.
It features a cornucopia of vocal talent; Henry Blofeld on 'It's Just Not Cricket', Daniel Radcliffe on 'Third Man', Stephen Fry on 'Judd's Paradox' and the whole of Lewis' local Taverners team, The Cavaliers, on the Python-esque 'The Laughing Cavaliers'.
Sticky Wickets Tracklisting:

Sticky Wickets
Boom Boom Afridi
It's Just Not Cricket
The Umpire
Third Man
Chin Music
Out In The Middle
Line And Length
The Laughing Cavaliers
Judd's Paradox
Mystery Man
Nudging And Nurdling
source: The Duckworth Lewis Method via hotpress.com & bbc.co.uk

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