09 June 2013

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's The Matt Edmondson Show

Daniel played some pie tennis during todays broadcast of the BBC Radio 1's The Matt Edmondson Show (which was recorded back in May). If you missed it this morning, you can listen back to the episode on BBC's iPlayer (until 7 days after the broadcast and get a free download). And watch the video below.

Whoever wins the Pie Tennis can tweet whatever they want via the Twitter page from the other - and well since Dan hasn't got Twitter - Matt can text to someone from Dan's phone, well if he wins. You want to know who won? Scroll down. A photo via BBC Radio 1 and Daniel's Google+.


source: bbc.co.uk

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

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I've seen this funny video, it's amusing! :-) Daaaaan, i'm mad for you (all, not only eyelashes!)