25 June 2013

Updated: WhatsOnStage group outing post-show Q&A The Cripple of Inishmaan

Whatsonstage.com tweeted live from their group outing post-show Q&A with cast members of The Cripple of Inishmaan which took place yesterday evening. You could follow the Q&A live via their website or by following #WOSouting. Below you can view the tweets regarding Daniel.

27th June 2013. Photos from the Q&A via WhatsOnStage's Facebook.

10:15 @WhatsOnStage: Now joined by cast members - Daniel Radcliffe, Padraic Delaney & Sarah Greene.

10:17 @WhatsOnStage: Radcliffe talks about his visceral response to the play on a first reading & how important challenging himself is #wosouting

10:22 @WhatsOnStage: Radcliffe on how he plays the disability, given it's not exactly defined in the script. He'd prepared in advance of rehearsals. #wosouting

10:29 @WhatsOnStage: Radcliffe slips into accent talking about the play. #wosouting

10:32 @WhatsOnStage: Thanks to everyone for joining us for the #WOSOuting + q&a

10:42 @MichaelGrandage: Great audience tonight and enjoyable q&a with the #wosouting afterwards. Thanks guys!

source: whatsonstage
picture source: GibbonsPeter (Instagram), Manuil Yamalyan/W.E.N.N.

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Daniel is a very good actor, nice and small, I have a lot of respect for him .... good Daniel :)