01 September 2013

Updated(2): Venice Film Festival: Daniel Radcliffe attends Kill Your Darlings red carpet premiere

Daniel presented Kill Your Darlings (Giovani Ribelli) at the premiere together with John Krokidas during the 70th Venice Film Festival at Palazzo Del Cinema in Venice, Italy. Here's a premiere photo via Facebook (Venice days) & check  this amazing one from Moris Puccio via Notorious Pictures.

Update: 15th January 2017. Photo by Brunella Lorio on Facebook.
Update: 24th July 2017. Photos by Ferney Montoya on Facebook.

Red carpet:

Terrazza Maserati:

picture source: Gareth Cattermole & Tullio M. Puglia

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How I wish to be thereee!...
Thank you, this site is really my eyes and my ears!)

You are welcome Carlotta ;)