14 October 2013

More Kill Your Darlings promotion: Various interviews, a giveaway (NL) etc.

Many more articles (and one audio) in promotion of Kill Your Darlings have appeared online, so I thought it was time for an update.

- [Podcast] From Nerdist here via our Facebook or podcast -> listen via iTunes. [small update: picture here]

- [Submit a question] MSN UK gives people an upportunity to ask Daniel and Dane a question via Skype (thanks to MSN UK for the info) Find info on how to join right here.

- [Dutch giveaway] Glamour magazine geeft 10x2 kaarten weg voor de Kill Your Darlings première tijdens de Amsterdam Film Week op vrijdag 1 november in De Balie, te Amsterdam (met dank aan Glamour NL voor de link/nieuws) Doe mee.

- [Photo] Los Angeles Daily News did talk with Daniel and Michael C. Hall. picture.

- [Interview] Huffington Post right here.

- [Interview] Out magazine "Daniel Radcliffe Tells Musto He Had 'A Great F***ing Time' Playing Gay" right here.

- [Interview] Word and Film "No Schooling Required: Daniel Radcliffe Takes on Allen Ginsberg" right here.

- [Interview] Buzzfeed Daniel Radcliffe & Dane DeHaan right here.

- [Interview] Vulture right here.

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