02 December 2013

First on set photos from Frankenstein

A week ago, principal photography did start for Frankenstein, starring Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Jessica Brown and recently announced: Andrew Scott. The first on set photos  have been released online, featuring Daniel as Igor with hair extensions. Frankenstein is currently filming on location in Kent’s Historic Dockyard.

picture source: FameFlyNet UK

4 reacties:

I begin to wait for this film!... (those hair are simply terrible, but it's all part of the scene make-up... luckily!)

Although, at this point, in nothing makes me remember the old Igor. I should just limit myself to saying that, decidedly, thus would if were Snape's son, borned and grown under the care of your hands. A very elegant dandy with a melancholic aspect.

:-) Yes, anonymous 4 december, I agree with you! He remember me too Piton's son! However, this Frankenstein it will be a "free" version, not like the traditional films, but only inspirated at the story, with some changes. For this, I'm even more curios of seeing it!