11 September 2014

Updated(2): Mental Floss magazine photoshoot and interview (US)

Daniel is on the cover of the October 2014 issue of Mental Floss magazine in promotion of Horns. Read the full interview here.

Update: 10th october 2014. Behind the scenes photos and outtakes. Also two photos via Facebook: photo 1 | photo 2.
Update: 31st October 2016. More photos at Dale May's website.
 During the shoot, Radcliffe jammed to Harvey Danger and The Kinks.
Via Instagram:

Their subscriber cover:

More photos

Outtakes and behind the scenes:

source: mentalfloss.com
picture source: Dale May

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Those pictures are so cool!
Thank you for posting this! you rule

I've read the interview: very interesting! And yhe picture is GOOD! I like the one where he do horn sign!! :-)