24 March 2015

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in documentary Tom Felton Meets the Superfans

I did already post the news on Facebook: Tom Felton interviewed Daniel for his BBC Three documentary Tom Felton Meets the Superfans. I did share the preview on Facebook (also below). The documentary aired yesterday and is available in BBC iPlayer for 30 days after the broadcast. If another video becomes avaliable I'll update.

Update: 30th December 2016.  A clip via ABC iview. Rupert Grint can't say 'no'. Plus the documentary is also available on iTunes.

This video is also shared by danieljradcliffe.tk on Facebook.

Daniel Radcliffe on obsession:
It’s something in your life that, like, other people think is weird, and wrong, and don’t get, but it gives you meaning.

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