02 May 2015

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe thanks Kenshō Ono for voicing him for years

There are a two short videos online from Daniel to the Japanese Kenshō Ono (voice actor, singer) during Nico Nico Live Special which was streaming live yesterday. Kenshō is well known for voicing Harry Potter in the Japanese dubs and also worked on Horns (ホーンズ 容疑者と告白の角) -since he became the official voice-over actor for all of Daniel's roles- so Daniel recorded a message to thank him for voicing him for years. Horns will be out in Japan next week on 9th May 2015. Official website: horns-movie.jp, Facebook, Twitter: @horns_movie

Updated: 3rd May. I have added the Japanese poster for Horrns and a link to more on set photos below.


The poster

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