12 July 2015

Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe attends San Diego Comic-Con: Victor Frankenstein panel and more

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy promoted Victor Frankenstein at San Diego Comic-Con. There was the 20th Century Fox panel but also much more, below you find all the interviews etc. There are also some photos via Daniel's official Google+ page: number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4. Photos from 20th Century Fox via Twitter: number 1 | number 2 (Snapchat) | number 3. Then there's a photo from Fandango plus -released on 26th July 2015- a portrait photo from IGN (Cherie Roberts)

The panel: video and photos: (Kevin Winter, Jason Merritt)
Interviews: ET Canada (also talks about Swiss Army Man) E! Online Rear of The Year (I announced this news on Facebook), E! Online Harry Potter, E! Online Did James really beat up Daniel.

Thanks to Hollywood Outbreak for sharing their videos with danieljradcliffe.tk:

The others:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

11th November 2015. Video from Cinemax. And you could have missed this photo from Willa Holland.
Update: 17th September 2016. Daniel teamed up with Nerdist and Make-A-Wish Foundation to make childrens wishes come true.
Update: 12th March 2017. Top Teen magazine's photo with Daniel.
Update: 27th August 2017. Nerdist Conival photo.

Other interviews: IGN Live (below), ET Online (below) Nerdist Conival: video & Instagram photo more (Abaca): number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4 | number 5 | number 6 | number 7 | number 8 | number 9.

Moviepilot.com (at the Entertainment Weekly (EW) studio)

This video is also shared by danieljradcliffe.tk on Facebook

EW Lounge

EW/SiriusXM Radio: Photos: number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4number 5 | number 6 | Audio

The Geeks & Poseurs Test
Photo from MTV, periscope video

There's also the Entertainment Tonight (ET Online) periscope video and Instagram photo.

Will he appear in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

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