28 September 2015

Updated(2): Behind the scenes: Sarah Dunn photoshoot (Victor Frankenstein)

In promotion of Victor Frankenstein there are two new videos released. Number one is a behind the scenes video from the Sarah Dunn photoshoot (it's featured in Empire magazine) he did together with co-star James McAvoy. Sarah Dunn did post that her behind the scenes video will be online on 1st October. Maybe that will be another one. The second video is an interview with Daniel called "Daniel Radcliffe. Piece by Piece". Oh and you could have missed this photo via Facebook.

Update: 30th September 2015. The videos which Sarah Dunn posted today (earlier than announced) are the same.
Update: 25th November 2015. There's also All Film magazine.

Victor Frankenstein comes out on 4th December in the UK and 25th November in the US.

source: 20th Century Fox

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