16 November 2015

Updated(2): WTF with Marc Maron podcast, "Of Monsters and Men" featurette, F*** magazine (Singapore)

More new Victor Frankenstein related news: First off there is a Podcast from WTF with Marc Maron, in which he talksabout not having Twitter and more below. Then second there is a new featurette (was already shared on Facebook) The you also could have missed that Daniel and James McAvoy are featured in F*** magazine with new photos by Sarah Dunn.

23rd December 2015. F*** magazine scans via Tumblr. (only the interview with Dan)
Update: 22nd March 2016. Another photo shared by F*** magazine on Facebook.

F*** magazine, Singapore. Photos by Sarah Dunn.

Marc Maron's photo via Facebook:


The US featurette:

source: wtfpod.com

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