05 December 2015

George MacKay to replace Dane DeHaan in Young Americans, now titled College Republicans

The Wrap is reporting that Dane DeHaan isn't attached to Young Americans anymore. British actor George MacKay is set to replace him. The film also has been retitled to College Republicans.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think that movie is really going to work out, at least for me,” DeHaan told TheWrap. “It’s a movie I’ve been really passionate about for a long time, and it looked like it was coming together so many times, but it’s a really difficult movie to find financing for, I think because of the subject matter.”

“I’m sorry to say that that’s no longer on the plate for me,” he added. “I can’t speak to anyone else involved. I don’t see any time in my schedule to be able to make that.”
source: thewrap.com

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