18 March 2016

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe interviews Paul Dano for So It Goes magazine (UK)

The cover of So It Goes magazine number seven (well it's one of four different covers) has been revealed plus the news that Daniel has been interviewing his Swiss Army Man co-star Paul Dano for this issue. The magazine is now available for pre-order at soitgoesmag.com.

11th May 2016. A part of the interview is added below.
The talk of the Sundance Film Festival, Radcliffe shares, “I think there are going to be times when we are encouraged to talk about it as a headline ‘Farting Boner Corpse Movie’ and it’s so much more than that. But I’m also really proud that it is that–and that I was in a film that could inspire those insane headlines.”

Dano adds, “Yeah, totally! There are enough people who are going to read what you just said and go, ‘Well OK, I want to see that.'” The 31 year-old actor continues, “So I think that it’s all good, and I feel like the movie’s not about the reaction either. So talking about the love and the joy and the playfulness and the singularity of what we made–that’s what I’m excited to share and talk about with people.”

source: soitgoesmag.com
picture source: Lauren Dukoff

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