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Interview with Daniel and James McAvoy by German website TV Spielfilm in promotion of Victor Frankenstein (Victor Frankenstein - Ge­nie und Wahnsinn).

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There are countless Frankenstein films. What sets it apart from it's predecessors?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE It is the first film to tell the story from the perspective of Assistant Igor. Screenwriter Max Landis has told him his own story of where he came from and why he is so submissive and overprotective. Victor and Igor are a great team.

JAMES MCAVOY ... and in some ways more similar than Victor wants to admit. Of course he thinks he is smarter, but Igor always surprises him. The relationship is central to the film and prevents it from becoming an existential nightmare, as in Mary Shelley.

What is the biggest difference to the novel?

Daniel Radcliffe For example, Mary Shelley never had an Igor. Igor exists only in our parallel world, in which now many believe that Frankenstein is in truth the monster and not the doctor and that he has a hunchback just as The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

What did you take over?
McAvoy In any case, the obsession with Victor Frankenstein pursues his goal. When I read the novel for the first time, I never understood what drove him. In our film his motivation becomes understandable.

Which one is?

McAvoy I do not want to foresee so much, but it's about why Victor goes crazy and sees death as limited as life. The Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley must have been absolutely controversial in his day. Only for religious reasons: A man tries to be God. What a sacrilege! The people were guaranteed speechless.

Why is Frankenstein history so sustainable today?
McAvoy That's the Shakespeare effect. "Hamlet" has also been staged a thousand times and there are still new performances added. It is important to find new approaches and to rebuild the story differently. If the old story is told over and over again, as in the "Spider-Man" films, the audience will be permanently gone. That's another reason why our film has its own format. Finally, it's about an adventure trip through Victorian London and how Victor and Igor assert themselves there. This is sometimes funny, sometimes exciting and sometimes heavily influenced by Gothic horror.

Universal also plans a new release of the material. The classics seem to be profitable again today.

McAvoy It may sound strange at first, but our screenwriter Max Landis, for example, has shown some current parallels to David Fincher's Facebook movie "The Social Network".

That's right, that sounds weird.
RADCLIFFE Yes, but what is it? To two young men developing a groundbreaking technology. That's not very different in our movie. Victor and Igor are also on the threshold of an immense technological breakthrough.

Whether for better or for worse will show ... Do you have recent examples of where it can topple?
RADCLIFFE Just think about how stem cell research was condemned five years ago and why scientists were scolded as measured border crossers. Today, stem cells save lives.

This reflects the universal conflict of Frankenstein history: at what point does research go too far and become a bad or even a threat?
McAvoy Seen in this way, the "Jurassic Park" films are distant offshoots of the Frankenstein story, because they too are misguided exploration delusions, which leads to devastating consequences.

Which genre does "Victor Frankenstein" belong to? Is it even a horror movie?

RADCLIFFE I see it as an adventure movie with dark motives. We create horror with the brains, so to say. (Laughing)


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