22 June 2016

Updated: The New York Times: Daniel Radcliffe about Privacy

The New York Times talked with Daniel, director Josie Rourke and the playwright James Graham about Privacy.

Update: 29th July 2016. Another photo.

The conversation around privacy clearly engages Mr. Radcliffe, 26. Having been cast in the Harry Potter franchise as a preadolescent, the continuum between the private and the public is very real for him.

“People probably perceive me as someone who doesn’t have very much privacy,” he said during a rehearsal lunch break. “I still feel like I have a lot and it’s very important.” To preserve this, he keeps away from social media platforms. He’s never tried online dating; he doesn’t Instagram his meals. (As he skipped lunch in favor of a black-currant drink and a cigarette, there may not be much to Instagram.)

Mostly he finds this minimal online presence liberating. “When I see my friends I don’t know what they’ve been up to, we can have a conversation about it,” he said. But he clearly still worries about how much privacy he can and should maintain. When a reporter observed that he seemed far less neurotic than the Writer, he said, “I’m just masking that well,” adding, “There’s a lot of me in the character.”
source: nytimes.com
picture source: Krista Schlueter

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