21 April 2017

Daniel signs books and photos for Caleb who is fighting cancer

The following photos were posted online via the Facebook page Curing Caleb. The 5 year old boy is fighting against a rare form of child cancer. Daniel signed two Harry Potter books (also one for his brother Izak) plus two photos for the family. If you want to help the family you can make a donation via their GiveaLittle page: givealittle.co.nz/cause/curingcaleb.

He wrote "Best Wishes for 2017" in the books and the following on the photos:

Dear Caleb,

I've waved a magic wand so hopefully you will feel better soon! You are so brave. Sending you love and best wishes!

Harry Potter (Daniel)


Wishing a lovely family a happy and healthy 2017!

Love Daniel Radcliffe

(picture) source: fb.com/curingcaleb

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