21 January 2018

Harry Potter: Behind the scenes photo by Jason Isaacs

A look behind the scenes: Jason Isaacs shared the following photo on Twitter. It features Rupert and Daniel under the invisibility cloak while filming Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002).

#FBF2 Rupert and Dan hide under the invisibility cloak in Hagrid's hut in #HarryPotterAndTheChamberofSecrets and I take a picture that could get me fired in my second week. Moron. #HarryPotter #WishIdTakenMorePictures
The text he added via Instagram:
An illicit picture of Dan and Rupert under the invisibility cloak in Hagrid's hut. It's patronising but true that it's hard to see it without thinking how utterly adorable they were. Are. Things were very strict on set and I felt ashamed and scared but couldn't stop myself wanting a record. Nowadays we'd be selfying from morning till night #WishIdTakenMorePix @HarryPotter @harrypotterfilm

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