22 March 2018

Updated(5): Miracle Workers press conference & photocall in New York

Daniel attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Association press conference and photocall at the Peninsula Hotel in New York in promotion of Miracle Workers on Tuesday 20th March. Some more photos have appeared online now. Picture above: Vera Anderson.

Update: 25th March 2018. More photos.
Update: 4th April 2018. More photos by SipaPhoto via Sina.
Update: 8th April 2018. Manila Bulletin: Daniel on miracles, love and writing
Update: 9th April 2018. More photos by Janet R. Nepales.
Update: 26th April 2018. Star2.com: Is Daniel Radcliffe tired of Harry Potter?

From Manila Bulletin: On miracles.
"I view the fact that we are sitting here and that I’m existing at all as a miracle… When you think of all the people who don’t exist, the odds against us existing are very, very long, so that’s the kind of thing that makes me feel very lucky".

Press conference HFPA.


By Sundholm Magnus


Photo via Twitter
(ICYMI, Another one via Twitter)


By Sundholm Magnus

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