14 July 2018

Daniel Radcliffe at The Public Theater

Flashback Saturday! I wanted to create a post for this: Daniel meeting fans at The Public theater after performing in the Off-Broadway play Privacy back in 2016. It's mainly because of the following photo of him with American mentalist The Amazing Kreskin. Oh and there's also this one: Daniel and DJ, host, performer Stormageddon and this one: Junebug: A Guide Dog's Adventures.

Mind reading with Daniel Radcliffe (source: amazingkreskin.com)

More photos and a video which were already shared via Facebook and which you could have missed:
Birthday message to Fun Home The Musical's Sydney Lucas
Mark Subias, United Talent Agency.
Daniel and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Shoutout to Jagged Row
Sirius XM's radio talk show host Randi Zuckerberg

For more and creative selfies (I also love this one) visit danieljradcliffe.tk's Facebook page and search for "Privacy".

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