31 October 2018

Daniel Radcliffe on NPR's Here & Now

NPR Radio's Robin Young talked with Daniel, Bobby Cannavale and Cherry Jones about The Lifespan of a Fact. She and Karyn Miller-Medzon shared photos ten days ago on Twitter with a mention to danieljradcliffe.tk's Twitter page. The interview segment aired today.

Listen to the audio below. Or via iTunes (full episode).

Photo 1

Fact: It was a pleasure & a privilege to produce an interview with the very talented cast of @LifespanOfAFact. Thanks 4 your time @DanJRadcliffeNL #CherryJones #BobbyCannavale. Show is entertaining & more relevant than ever #Broadway #WhatIsAFact @hereandnowrobin @hereandnow @NPR
Photo 2

And this happened! Thnx #danielradcliffe #cherryjones #bobbycannavale @LifespanOfAFact - awesome. @DanJRadcliffeNL
source: wbur.org

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