Here are Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's great affiliates.
In total: 30. apply. Affiliates will be updated regularly.

(Last clean up: 22nd February 2018)

Websites will be deleted when they don't link back anymore, a hiatus is acceptable only if I still can see the link. Websites who don't update anymore or have an error on their affiliates page will also be deleted.

Elite Affiliates
[Daniel Radcliffe]
[Daniel Radcliffe]
[Daniel Radcliffe]
[Elizabeth Olsen]
[Emma Watson]
[Erin Darke]
[Mitchell Kummen]
[Max Minghella]

Top Affiliates

[Dane DeHaan]
[Daniel Radcliffe]
[Elijah Wood]
[Emma Watson]
[Josh Hutcherson]
[Fan Forum] (HP) & (DR)

Regular Affiliates

-Daniel Radcliffe


[Emma Watson]
[Helena Bonham Carter]
[Matthew Lewis]
[Rupert Grint]

-Harry Potter
[Harry Potter Bible]
[Harry Potter Wiki]
[Magical Menagerie]


[Ben Barnes]
[Elijah Wood]
[Jake Gyllenhaal]
[Tom Hanks]